About Me, Ethan Blair

My name is Ethan Blair, I was born February 16, 2001. As I kid I grew up on being outside, playing with action figures, and playing anything Nintendo. My favorite outdoor activities are fishing and swimming. This helped me choose my focus word for this project. Since I can remember my mother has encouraged me to learn everything I can, and I’ve always been interested in new concepts. I’ve never been able to play sports due to heart problems and aneurisms I developed at eighteen months old, and therefore cannot play sports. The lack of distraction from sports has allowed me to better focus on my education. I’m anticipation graduating high school and going to college. I plan to go wherever I get the best scholarship offer. I don’t quite know what I aspire to be, but that will come with keeping an open mind and participating in projects like these. I enjoy meeting new people and I can carry out a conversation with nearly anyone. I would like to believe I will be able to do something in my life that can impact a person, or a city, or a state, or a country, or even the world. I hope to be an example to people I encounter in life.